ContextI matched with this super awkward engineer on Hinge way back in ye olden times (March), and went on a date with him a few days later. This is not a post about the date, because it was boring and awkward AF and there was not a second date. Rather, this post is to demonstrate what girls are thinking before AND after your date, as expressed through a series of texts with my friends A and BP. So, if you’re ever thinking girls aren’t talking about you, you’re stupid because we totally are.


Stage 1: Fear of being catfished


Stage 2: Support from loved ones



Stage 3: “I’d Rather Be Anywhere Else”

*Insert very long, somewhat awkward date here*


Stage 4: Deciding if you want a 2nd date


Stage 5: Absolute insanity

It’s probably a good thing for him that I ghosted, because I might be legitimately crazy.