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TD Guest: Finding Love on Tinder

Context: Happy Monday, everyone! I was in the midwest for a conference this weekend and, as I have come to expect, I became known as ‘Tinder Girl’ within the first 30 minutes of the conference. I mean, what else would I bring up in icebreaker activities?! That night, as I pounded tequila shot after tequila shot (7 in all), my new conference friends regaled me with their tales from Tinder and other dating apps.

Thus, I present to you the first guest post in my conference series! And it’s a sweet one, proving that you CAN find love on Tinder and that I have obviously been doing literally everything wrong. Enjoy!

first swipe

Hi, Tinder District readers! I had the pleasure of meeting J over the weekend, and I must say that I am quite impressed with her friendliness, ability to hold her liquor (she. drank. so. much.), and her writing ambitions! I’m here today to share the story of my short time on Tinder.


I originally downloaded Tinder as a joke, because some of my buddies were using it. I opened the app, and the first picture of a girl named ‘Katie’ immediately caught my eye. I started a conversation, and I found out that she went to Clemson University, but that her parents had just moved to West Virginia (where I was in college) and worked at the same hospital work at.

Just from this beginning conversation, I knew I really wanted to meet this girl. She was different than other girls I had talked to, and seemed to be very future-focused. I asked her if she would be able to meet, but she responded that she would be in Cincinnati and couldn’t hang out*.

*Later found out she lied about this… excellent #WasteHisTime game

love me

I knew that most guys would give up at this point, but there was just something about this girl that I couldn’t get past, so I kept talking to her. And talking. And talking. It took three months of us talking on Tinder until we finally met… at her parents’ house.

The second she opened the door to her house, my heart exploded – because at that moment, I knew she was the one. We spent the night together and did *typical first date things* hehe. The next day, I took her to meet my parents, and my whole family loved her. They just clicked together SO well. I’m very family-oriented, so that was very important to me, and confirmed what I needed to do.

She went back to Clemson, and we started FaceTiming every night. One night, we were talking after midnight and I knew that I needed to make a move. I asked her to be my girlfriend, and she said yes! I have never, ever been happier than I was at that moment.


The crazy thing is, no one knows how we actually met. A friend of mine (who sadly passed away) went to Clemson, so everyone assumes that we met when I was down for the funeral.

I know this sounds rushed, and crazy, and even a little bit stalkerish, but there’s something about love that changes the whole game. Currently, Katie and I have been dating for about a year and a half, and have lived together for a year. I am fully sure that I will marry this girl, because she is the missing piece to my puzzle.

complete me

So, long story short, my first (and only) Tinder date was the love of my life! Thank you for letting me share my story, and best of luck to all of you!

Thanks for sharing your story, friend! I wish you and Katie lots of love and happiness. Readers, if you have a story you would like to share, please feel free to email


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