J, Messages

I [do] fuck with you

Context: Way back in Ye Olden Days (September 2015), L and I matched with the same cutie, C, on Tinder. We obviously used this opportunity to fuck with him because we’re bad bitches. Also, C totally knew about the blog before I went on my first date with him because I blacked out and sent him the link. Are you out there, C? I miss you! But clearly not enough to text you first!

The scene: M, L, and J stand in their apartment kitchen, swigging from wine bottles, smile-laughing and hair tossing like they’re in an SEC sorority recruitment video, and messaging various boys on Tinder.

L – Hey, didn’t one of you two match with a guy named C?
J – Yeah, I did! I’m talking to him right now, and we have a date planned for Monday night at La Tasca. [Examines L’s phone] Yep, same guy!
L – Wanna fuck with him?
J – Does a basic bitch like pumpkin spice?!

Conversation with L:


Class project, C? Is that all I am to you?! Also, we’re meeting up for a drink, and you want to take L exploring?! How the F did I get the short end of this stick?

Conversation with J:

Hehe, we’re sly. And awesome. Now, who wouldn’t want to be friends with us funny ladies?!


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