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J: Halloween Revenge

Context: My roommates and I are threw a housewarming/Halloween party a few weeks ago, and I was incredibly eager to invite ALLOFMYFRIENDS. As such, I thought nothing of inviting Mr. Medicine (who I am still best friends with)… until he asked me if he could bring his new girlfriend. Now, I’m cool with her, but I figured this would be a good opportunity to do what I love most – Tinder trolling. I updated my bio, swiped right on everyone during a ‘bathroom break’ at work, and let the messages roll in.


In case you haven’t realized this by now, Tinder is definitely not just an app for finding free food/all da sex/true love – it is, fundamentally, a source of great entertainment. My most recent boo JT and I have even started having “Tinder Troll and Chill” dates, which turn out very fruitfully, as evidenced below:


JT’s reasoning: “Her bio said she likes mozzarella sticks!” I know how to pick winners, y’all.

Thus, when this beautiful occasion below presented itself to me, I decided to do what I do best – turn lemons into hilarious screenshots.


Some people were less creative…


Some were mildly terrifying…


One in particular was confusing, but in the most delightful way…


And then, there was Jordan. Jordan was quite persistent, creative, and – well – see for yourself:



And, in the end, all was well! No Tinder randos came to my party, the night was a blast, and I woke up in bed with a hot dude. Score 1 for J.

…now, who’s trying to dress up as ‘An attractive couple that got married too young’ with me next year?


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