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J: Hello, It’s Me

(Title is how I feel every time I step into La Tasca, or the Trader Joe’s wine aisle)


Another Sunday, another nagging tequila hangover spent mindlessly swiping on Tinder in bed with the new J Biebs album on repeat (oh em gee, guys, SO GOOD). I treasure this valuable alone time with my potential future husbands, like this stud:

stud1 stud2

He makes me happy. Checkmate, indeed.

And this not-so-stud who has evidently decided that we are soulmates by gracing me with his daily super-like:

How charming!

But enough about them, let’s talk about me. I had a fun-filled week of 30 Rock, wine, three canceled Tinder dates (all the same guy… but I changed up my go-to cereal from Corn FLAKES to Peanut Butter Puffins so I’m fairly certain I’ve solved the issue at hand), and one really really good Tinder date! Like, 5-hour first date that feels like 30 minutes good. Happy J!

I also wanted to give a shout out to one of M’s matches, “Bunny Suit Guy,” who now knows about the blog and has dubbed me the “Queen of Tinder.” I immediately updated my resume and re-uploaded it to my company’s online talent portal (can’t wait to see what kind of engagements this new skill gets me staffed on). Hey, C! I’m still searching for you and your bunny suit, I promise!

I’ve got a full week of free dranks ahead of me, including margaritas on Wednesday (WHY TEQUILA WHY) and a Tuesday with this gentleman/my soulmate:

Ring pops 4eva LONG LIVE THE 90s!

Idk whether I want them to be good dates because cuffing season, or bad because blog content, but hey – free booze, can’t lose.



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