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TDR Dating Challenge: Clean Up (Day 11)

PSA: today’s tip may or may not be a trap but if Alexa says it then I have to do it. It’s just how life works.

Anyway, hello! How are you? It’s Day 11, which means we are more than 1/3 of the way through the challenge, so you should be 1/3 of the way closer to finding a Valentine. No pressure!!!

(Side note: My Valentine this year could be… you! If you’re in DC, come out to Hawthorne on Valentine’s Day between 8 PM and 2 AM and hang out with me, the Hawthorne staff, and a couple hundred of your closest friends! FB event here).

Tip #11: Clean up! Clean your room and other parts of your house so that you have a blank slate. Being clean will make you happier and more open to take on new love.

…see, I told you it sounded like a trap.

Cleanliness in my house is a BATTLE, let me tell ya. I live with four guys who are amazing and wonderful, but BOY do they create garbage. Every morning I teeter out into the living area (feet clad in slippers, of course, to avoid the mess), terrified of what I will find. Did someone drink an entire bottle of Jack Daniels last night?! But it was Wednesday?? How can ONE PERSON use this many paper towels??? Did your mother teach you ANYTHING!?!?

So, yeah. Clean doesn’t come easy around here. But, I can at least control my room! So, I got out the vacuum, put clothes strewn around the room back onto their hangers (a real struggle), and bought some fresh flowers from TJs to brighten up my room. Much better! Then, for the piece de resistance, I got my little booty on Amazon.

Yep. I am OFFICIALLY the kind of person who owns an essential oil diffuser. Next thing you know I’ll be going gluten free and decorating my room with healing crystals. JUST YOU WAIT!

Anyway, I don’t think cleaning my room got me any closer to a Valentine, but it is pretty nice to know where my clothes are.

Until I try on everything in my closet tomorrow and leave it all on the floor, just to leave my house in the same leggings and cold shoulder top I always wear.



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