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TDR Dating Challenge: Swipe Right (Day 12)

Some would say that being picky and exhibiting discretion when swiping on a dating app is a great idea! It allows you to choose the people you think you will be interested in, and avoids giving false hope to those you know you’ll never be interested in.

Today, I said a big ol’ “Eff You” to those people and swiped right on everyone. Rules are for squares!!!!

Haha, jk. Rules are great. Except open container laws – never have been fond of those. Rather, I was inspired to toss my discretion to the side by today’s Three Day Rule dating tip!

Tip #12: For every person you swipe left on, swipe right on the next consecutive five people. This sounds crazy, but many Three Day Rule success stories say their partner is someone they would not have swiped right on, but now they can’t imagine life without them. Bonus points if you swipe right on everyone!

Aka, what happens whenever I’m drunk and not worried about my phone dying, or any time I hand my phone to a friend who’s in a relationship. Neat! Well, no better time to get started on this one than on my walk home from the metro before trivia on a Thursday evening. I swiped indiscriminately through Bumble and messaged each guy a question from my favorite list of icebreakers, only pausing once I got to Roofers Union to see what kind of damage I had done. Let’s see:

Starting with the tame…

“Doggies”, horses, and Disney movies? Ladies, line up. We’ve got an every-guy over here.

To the funny…

Why you tryna steal my hobbies, Mark?! Smh, men these days. So unoriginal.

To the… terrifying.

WELL THEN. COOL. I’m gonna just, uh… move… to Hawaii. Mahalo!

I must say, shoutout to Bumble for these bios and messages being relatively innocuous. Had this been Tinder, I’m sure our results would be much more… interesting.

As fun as this exercise is, there’s definitely a lot to be said for being attracted to your matches. I spent the next few days unmatching guys as they swiped right on me. But hey, I got at least one date out of it! What more can you ask for?


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