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TDR Dating Challenge: Party With Singles (Day 14)

Hi folks! Today I’m hitting you with the FACTS! And by facts I mean statistics. I always hit you with the general facts. Let’s be real.

Tip #14: According to the US census, over 50% of the adult population is single. Be proactive and get the single people you know together this month. Team up with someone who is an expert planner, and have everyone bring a single friend. You may find yourself locking eyes with someone new!

(Yes, I did just consider “over 50%” to be a statistic. I was an econ minor. Go with it.)

WE’RE BRINGING OUR SINGLE FRIENDS TOGETHER! How fun does that sound?! Someone get the tequila!!

But for real. It’s winter, y’all. It’s cold, and long, and can be depressing if we let it. Why not plan as many parties as possible???

There are a couple options here in town, if this is something you’re interested in!

  • Three Day Rule is throwing a “Clean Slate” Valentine’s Day party on February 14th from 6-9 PM at Lost Society. It involves burning a picture of your ex in a cauldron so what could go wrong?!
  • I’ll be co-hosting Hawthorne‘s Valentine’s Day event (also on the 14th) from 8 PM – 2 AM, which is going to be the best time of everyone’s life, party of the year, night you won’t remember but will never forget, etc etc and everyone should come! Facebook event here!

And, at the very least, do the following – get the “event planner” of your group to organize something, invite all your single friends, and have each of them invite one (or more!) of their single friends. You never know who’ll end up catching your eye!

Well that’s all I got, party people. There’s plenty of other hot singles out there, so keep your eyes open!


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