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TDR Dating Challenge: Eat Alone (Day 16)

Today’s challenge is freaking HARD, so I suggest you take a moment to prepare yourself. Pour a glass of wine. Put on something comfortable. Take a seat.

Tip #16: Pick one night this week to eat dinner at the bar of a busy restaurant, alone. Sit at the bar, order a meal, and don’t bring out your phone. Chat with the bartender and others nearby. You will come off as comfortable and easy to approach. Overcoming a little fear this week will make you more confident on the dates to come.

When I first listened to this tip, I was waaay overconfident. Eat alone? At a bar? Pish posh! I used to be a traveling consultant! I ate alone at bars ALL the time!! Too easy!

…then, I asked Alexa to repeat the tip, and realized I had missed a little something.

Eating alone… WITHOUT my phone?! What am I, a psychopath?? Who does anything without their phone these days?!

I immediately started making up excuses to get out of it. I mean, doctors are always on call, and I’m pretty much like a doctor of love?! What is someone DM’ed me a love emergency, and I wasn’t available to respond? I could never live down the guilt!

Fortunately, this challenge was the winner of my internal battle. I decided that the deed would have to be done that night before trivia, or else I would talk myself out of it once and for all.

Once work ended, I gathered my belongings, walked through the blustery cold (-12 with windchill! Yay, DC!!) to the Metro, made my way to Metro Center, and wandered. My sights were set on Rosa Mexicano, but the bar was packed when I got there. Rats. No problem, I would just do a little treat yo’ self Tuesday at Jaleo!

…until I got there and the bar was ALSO packed. What gives, guys?! It’s like, 5:30 on a Tuesday! Thirsty hoes.

With no will to walk any further from Penn Social than I had to given the weather conditions, I wound up in Bakers & Baristas with a cup of tea and both my laptop and phone out. So… mission not exactly accomplished. Hey, there’s always next time?

Next time came sooner than anticipated the following evening, when both of the back-to-back happy hours I had scheduled cancelled on me. I could easily go to any bar I wanted! The entire DMV was my oyster!

…except that this happened to occur just 3 days after I bought some new comfy AF Lululemon leggings, and I decided that one minute spent in those was worth one hour spent alone at a bar without my phone. So I headed home. Sigh. Foiled again.

TL;DR, I have (thus far) failed at this challenge. But I will do it! …at some point!! If you have any motivational tips, they would be greatly appreciated.


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