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TDR Dating Challenge: Be Authentic (Day 4)

Authenticity of dating profiles is extremely important to me.

After all, I was full-on catfished by Beans from Even Stevens just over a year ago! And though that was the most severe catfishing instance I’ve experienced, there have been several more where the person I saw in the pictures was not the person who showed up to the date – maybe them 5 years ago, but not them in the moment. Ugh.

So, I was very excited when I asked Alexa for today’s tip after hitting my snooze button no fewer than 7 times!

Tip #4 – Get real. Find a trusted friend and show them your dating app profile. Ask them 3 main questions: Are the pictures flattering? Do they represent me accurately? Do they reflect my interests? Then, get to swiping!

Ah, if only Beans had a friend review his profile before he pretended to be an entirely different human online. What a shame.

Now, I show my dating profile to… everyone. I already know it’s an accurate representation of me. Here’s my Bumble bio right now:

So, I turned my attention to improving other peoples’ bios:

Nope. Noooo way. Luckily we matched, so I could impart my wisdom that he absolutely did not ask for.

The best thing about this guy was that he took my critique really well and crafted a really great bio! Very proud.

So, guys, if you have any questions about your profile – DM or email them to me! Or post them on Reddit and get the trolls’ opinions. I did that about a month ago and it is a GREAT time.


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