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TDR Dating Challenge: Dress Your Best (Day 6)

We’re on day 6, y’all! 1/5th of the way through the month, so you should be 1/5th of the way to finding a Valentine. Let’s see here, I’m about to cancel a 2nd date and have no dates lined up, so… yeah. Let’s hope the next 6 days go better.

It’s no secret that a huge part of your perceived attractiveness is based on your confidence. Confident people tend to hold themselves straighter, smile more and radiate an aura of self-assuredness. This is much more attractive than seeming self-conscious and vulnerable. Sooo many (SO MANY) of the dating questions that my friends have can be traced back to this – it really is the most crucial thing for someone dating these days.

This brings us to Tip #6: Dress to impress! Put some thought into what you’re wearing every day, and learn what you look and feel best in. When you look good, you’ll feel good, and you’ll radiate confidence!

Alexa provided this tip to me on a Friday morning when I woke up VERY CONFUSED. Contacts still in, face unwashed, still wearing my clothes from the night before – yikes.

You see, the night before started out just like any other Thursday – until I arrived at trivia and found out that I had a substitute co-host who was GORGEOUS. Ohhh my god. After trivia, we had another drink at Roofers Union with his friends, then he asked me if I wanted to get food with him. Long story short, we ended up shutting down Jack Rose, at which point my memory gets fuzzy. Next thing I know I’m waking up, confused and praying for death. Happy Friday!

I was fully tempted to put on my most comfortable, grandmotherly sack of a dress to head into the office, until Alexa prematurely shamed me into looking put together. Ugh. I hopped into a cutout-shoulder royal blue dress from LOFT, chunky mint green necklace from Francesca’s, and a pair of tan, block-heeled shoes from Steve Madden – and, you know what? It worked! I felt better because I looked better, and was able to crush the presentation I had to give. Did I come home and take a 3 hour nap? Absolutely. But at least I looked and felt good about myself during a debilitating hangover, which is no easy feat.

The moral of the story is that if you look fly*, you’ll feel good about yourself, and people will notice. So, suit up, babes! And, if you’re looking for some hot new clothes, may I recommend Poppy Apparel? I just found them, and I’m already obsessed. Can’t wait for this dress to come so I can wear it on a date (if I ever schedule one) (help me). Use code TINDER10 for 10% off at checkout!

*Do people still say this?

Well loves, I’m off to brunch. See you soon with the next tips and some Sunday Scaries!


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