J, TDR Dating Challenge

TDR Dating Challenge: Push Your Boundaries (Day 7)

Woo! We’ve made it through a full week, guys! We’re one week closer to finding a valentine, or at the very least we’ve made it another week without North Korea blowing up our country. It’s the little things!

And y’all, we are officially moving into the meat of this challenge. So far I’ve been like, yeah! I can dress nicely! I’m swiping! I’m open and welcoming! And now all of a sudden Alexa is like DATE SHORT GUYS and I’m like AAH IDK IF I CAN DO THIS?! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Tip #7: Do you have a checklist of things you typically look for in a partner? Choose one of those things this month that you wouldn’t typically budge on. We want you to widen that boundary (education, height, age, ethnicity, religion). Open your mind to a different type for the rest of this month. Yes, we know this is hard. Just remember that a little budge will get you a big reward.

*These tips are also getting long, it took me literally 4 tries to write this all down and now my roommates think I’m literally insane for talking to Alexa as much as I do.

Ok. I feel low-key attacked because you just asked us to make a list of what we’re looking for on Day 2 and use it to date with intention. Now I gotta throw that shit away? I have to stop sending messages like these?! HELP.

Okay, J, you can do this. For the sake of the challenge. Maybe… a Trump supporter?

HAHAHAHAHAHA oh no, no, never. Hmmm… someone who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re?

Ehhh, that’s gonna be a hard pass. Education is important.

Does it count if I just adjust my age range a little bit higher? That pushes the boundary of the age I would usually date, right? That’s different than looking for a sugar daddy, right? …right?!?!

Hell, I’m just gonna date someone whose name isn’t Jack and call it a day.

Tell me – what boundary are you going to push? Are you braver than me? You’re probably braver than me.


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