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TDR Dating Challenge: Try Something New (Day 8)

It’s day 8 and shit’s getting real.

I know I’m delusional, but I’m starting to believe that Three Day Rule is actually reading my mind and then pitting my worst fears and biggest downfalls against me with these tips. You know, just like Annaliese’s fears kept getting used against her on The Bachelor, or how Facebook somehow knows every one of your innermost thoughts that you never wrote down or voiced to anyone. The difference is, Alexa probably is recording me, so this seems likelier. Technology is great!!

‘Black Mirror’-themed nightmares aside, let’s move onto today’s tip!

Tip #8: In the next 20 days, participate in an activity you like but haven’t done for a while. This could be active or laid back – the only requirement is that other people are involved (sorry, binge watching Netflix doesn’t count). Some examples: a cooking class, art class, pickup basketball. When you do things you enjoy, you become your best and most attractive self.

Ok! Yeah! This is totally doable! I’m super into activities!

*Proceeds to binge watch Broad City while trolling Trump on Twitter for 6 hours*

…wait, that didn’t count? Are you sure? Oh no.

All joking aside, this is a super important tip. When you do the things you love, you tend to meet people who also like doing the things you love, rather than guys who try to coerce you into a 2nd date watching football after you’ve expressed both verbally and in writing that you hate sports. Like, if we’re counting “shit I was gonna do anyway” as dates now, I’m inviting the next guy I go out with to a yoga class.

…would that satisfy this challenge? Now that I think about it…

Mooooving on! This tip is what led me on a scrolling spree of Living Social and Groupon, contemplating countless escape rooms (EXPENSIVE), wine and design classes (too many girls) and pole dancing lessons (sign me up) before I stumbled upon a deep-dish pizza making class. Pizza! Wine! Sign me up!

So, there’s my activity, y’all! I’m bringing my best friend A to a pizza making class once my teeth heal, and we will absolutely be finding ways to eat it seductively while making very aggressive eye contact with the guys in the class.

Please, please let there be guys in the class.

What’s your activity going to be, guys? Let me know in the comments!


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