J, TDR Dating Challenge

TDR Dating Challenge: Be Aware (Day 3)

Hi hi! We are back for Day 3 of our Three Day Rule dating challenge, and boy was this a fun one!

ICYMI, you can check out my Day 1 and Day 2 recaps for the first two tips.

Tip #3: When you’re in public, get your face out of your phone. Look around, and interact with those people around you. Be aware of your surroundings! The whole world is a singles bar if you treat it like one!

Ugh. Sounds like this one would require leaving my bed. Luckily, this was also my first day back at work after the long MLK weekend, so I could get started on my frigid walk to the metro. I put on a cute skirt and top, some black booties (these ones from JustFab – not sponsored, just in love) and headed outside, a welcoming* smile plastered to my face.

*I thought it was welcoming, but it was 8 in the morning and I had gotten up at 5:30 to go to the gym so it may have looked deranged. Unsure.

Well, my plans to not have resting bitch commuter face went out the window when I realized how late I was, and then I became the kind of girl who runs in a comically large backpack down the streets of DC. HOT. Who wouldn’t want to date me?! I finally arrived at the metro and took this opportunity to remove my gloves and unzip my coat, finally getting a chance to look like a woman and not a human marshmallow.

Once aboard a train, I instinctively reached to grab a Kindle from my backpack, then stopped myself. Be aware of your surroundings, J! I whispered to myself, like a psychopath. I examined my surroundings. A bunch of older married men, a hobo, a girl a little older than me who was also heading to work – wait, what’s this? A cute guy? Hello, sir!

Feeling emboldened by this challenge, I waited for him to make eye contact, then shot him a smile.

He… did not smile back, instead looking away and getting off at the next Metro stop. Drat. Well, there was always around the office, right?

WRONG. Don’t date coworkers. That was a test. You failed. Try again.

So, I didn’t get to flirt with anyone on the walk to the Metro… or on the way to trivia… or at trivia. My Uber Pool driver was pretty cute, but like… cute for an Uber driver. You get it. What I did do, though, is check Missed Connections when I got home. You know, just in case.

Hey, this could be me! There are people who I’m sure see me every day!

…wait, 40? 5’10? Pass. What else do we have here:

If a guy on the Metro asked me to read a passage of his book and he wasn’t Ryan Reynolds, I would absolutely switch cars. You know what, maybe I should stick to meeting people at bars and parties. Or on Bumble. Don’t even have to leave your bed!


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