J, TDR Dating Challenge

TDR Dating Challenge: Say Yes (Day 15)

*Unless you feel uncomfortable saying yes! In that case, say no! This is 2018, after all.

Alright, y’all. I know it’s the season of laying in bed in your pajamas and binge watching Netflix/Hulu while you swipe endlessly through Bumble. Which is… not at all what I’m doing now. Nope. Not one bit!

Thanks Nick!!

But honeys, if you’re trying to find a Valentine in the next 15 (SOS) days, you have to get your little booty out there! That’s where today’s tip comes into play.

Tip #15: Say yes to one evening activity this week (e.g. a friend’s party or networking mixer). Even if it’s something you don’t feel like doing, say yes. Go out with your friends, or go alone – often the nights you don’t expect end up as the most fun. Have an adventure and turn some heads!

I know this can be hard for people. But you just spent all day at work! Work is stressful! Can’t I just go to the gym and go to bed? Well, of course you can! I’m never one to deny you of those simple pleasures. I honestly sometimes wish I didn’t have so many regularly scheduled weeknight activities so I could do just that more often.

Alas, trivia stops for no couch sesh. And neither should your social life. At least one day this week, try shifting your workout to the morning and going to a happy hour after work! Bring some friends or coworkers and improve your friendships while seeing and being seen. If this is a recurring struggle for you, try getting into a regularly scheduled social event – a kickball league, or trivia team, or book club. Whatever suits your fancy! As long as you’re getting out there and socializing, you’re opening up your chances and building relationships.

…and THEN you have my full permission to PTFO with Broad City still playing in the background. Which I’m about to do. Night, loves!


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