Hi, friends! From January 14th – February 13th, I’m taking a 30 day dating challenge with Three Day Rule and Amazon’s Alexa. Follow along for each day’s dating advice and recap!

  1. Swiping fatigue is real. The average online dater spends 12 hours on online dating sites per week. For the next 30 days, choose one app to use, and commit. Reach out to anyone you find interesting, and try to meet up in person sooner rather than later.
  2. Date with intention. Create a list with the 5 most important things you’re looking for in a romantic partner, and use this to assess who is a best fit for you.
  3. When you’re in public, get your face out of your phone. Look around, and interact with those people around you. Be aware of your surroundings! The whole world is a singles bar if you treat it like one!
  4. Get real. Find a trusted friend and show them your dating app profile. Ask them 3 main questions: Are the pictures flattering? Do they represent me accurately? Do they reflect my interests? Then, get to swiping!
  5. Not sure how to say goodbye after a first date? End the date with a hug. Avoid handshakes, high fives, or fist bumps. Regardless of whether the date was good or bad, hugging is the adult thing to do.
  6. Dress to impress! Put some thought into what you’re wearing every day, and learn what you look and feel best in. When you look good, you’ll feel good, and you’ll radiate confidence!
  7. Do you have a checklist of things you typically look for in a partner? Choose one of those things this month that you wouldn’t typically budge on. We want you to widen that boundary (education, height, age, ethnicity, religion). Open your mind to a different type for the rest of this month. Yes, we know this is hard. Just remember that a little budge will get you a big reward.
  8. In the next 20 days, participate in an activity you like but haven’t done for a while. This could be active or laid back – the only requirement is that other people are involved (sorry, binge watching Netflix doesn’t count). Some examples: a cooking class, art class, pickup basketball. When you do things you enjoy, you become your best and most attractive self.
  9. Today, approach 3 strangers you find attractive and strike up a conversation with them. Try to remember what it was like to meet people before social media.
  10. For the next 20 days, be more open to giving people second dates. Remember, the point of this challenge is to find lasting romance – you won’t find that if you only give people a first chance. When deciding whether to go on a second date, as yourself 2 questions – are you remotely attracted to them, and did they seem kind? If the answer to both is yes, give them a second date.
  11. Clean up! Clean your room and other parts of your house so that you have a blank slate. Being clean will make you happier and more open to take on new love.
  12. For every person you swipe left on, swipe right on the next consecutive five people. This sounds crazy, but many Three Day Rule success stories say their partner is someone they would not have swiped right on, but now they can’t imagine life without them. Bonus points if you swipe right on everyone!
  13. Ghosting sucks. If you go on a date and you are not interested, tell the person as soon as possible. Call or text them and politely let them know you enjoyed the date, but didn’t feel a romantic connection. They may be hurt momentarily but they will be glad you didn’t disappear.
  14. According to the US census, over 50% of the adult population is single. Be proactive and get the single people you know together this month. Team up with someone who is an expert planner, and have everyone bring a single friend. You may find yourself locking eyes with someone new!
  15. Say yes to one evening activity this week (e.g. a friend’s party or networking mixer). Even if it’s something you don’t feel like doing, say yes. Go out with your friends, or go alone – often the nights you don’t expect end up as the most fun. Have an adventure and turn some heads!
  16. Pick one night this week to eat dinner at the bar of a busy restaurant, alone. Sit at the bar, order a meal, and don’t bring out your phone. Chat with the bartender and others nearby. You will come off as comfortable and easy to approach. Overcoming a little fear this week will make you more confident on the dates to come.
  17. Find yourself bringing all of your dates to the same bar? Switch it up! Always going to the same place is like wearing sweatpants on a date.
  18. Struggling with conversations on dates? Reserve an evening this week to watch some new documentaries. Watching some non-fiction gives you relevant and interesting things to discuss on a date. Talking weather is easy, but talking bitcoin is sexy!
  19. It’s February 1st! Kick off this month by thinking about 3 activities that make you happy, and talk about them on dates! When you talk about what you love, you become more attractive.
  20. When you’re on a date, your date is not just noticing how you treat them – they’re also noticing how you treat everyone around you (such as your waiter). Be nice to everyone! It’s important to treat people the way you want to be treated.
  21. When assessing partners, pay less attention to age! It’s more important to match based on how your ages and energies line up emotionally. After all, age ain’t nothing but a number!
  22. Find yourself looking your dates up on social media before you go out with them? Try to stop doing this, and go into your date with an open mind! That said, though, if there’s anything on your social media you wouldn’t want someone to find, maybe it’s best to delete it or change your settings to private.
  23. Start asking open-ended questions on dates, rather than closed questions, to keep the conversation flowing. For example, rather than “how many siblings do you have?” you could ask “what’s your family like?”
  24. Daytime coffee is NOT a date! There’s nothing sexy about it – it’s like a business meeting. Plan your dates for somewhere swankier to ensure that you are both investing time and energy into the date.
  25. There are 5 love languages, and it’s important to know your love language(s) when you go into a relationship. This will help you and your partner understand what’s important to you, and what things will bother you.
  26. Try not to go to a date straight from work – put effort into getting ready! Change your clothes, touch up your makeup, and maybe shower or have a glass of wine. Letting go of some of the day’s stress will help you enjoy the date.
  27. Good hygiene – especially fresh breath – is important on first dates. Make sure you brush your teeth before your date, and gum and breath mints are your friend!
  28. You’re busy. Everyone is busy. Sometimes you won’t have time to have a full 1.5 to 2 hour date – but if you’re trying to schedule a date with someone and it looks like it won’t happen for weeks, schedule a shorter one for sooner! You can have a drink and an appetizer at happy hour and be done in 45 minutes. It’s better than putting it off – if you wait too long, they might find someone else.
  29. If you have preconceived notions of the height or weight you’re looking for in a partner, think about relaxing those restrictions. Only 14% of the men in the US are 6’0 or taller, and the average weight for a woman in the US is 170 lbs. Very few people look like Instagram models – so stop waiting for one!
  30. When it comes to communication, only 7% of communication is verbal – 93% is nonverbal. Therefore, you need to express interest using nonverbal cues. When you’re on a date, focus on uncrossing your arms, smiling, making eye contact, and leaning forward.